Sunday, March 30, 2008


I have been away for awhile because of nothing exciting to write about. Of course, I have been enjoying the fact the my friends and former co-workers have taken me out in observance of my 57 years here on earth. However, now that spring is here, there is plenty to report. I have been stimulated to put together a scrapbook of my life from my modest beginnings in life, my current status in life, and my inevitable end of life, which I hope will not be soon!

I was raised and have lived in the Bay Area all my life. Mostly living in San Pablo, CA. In my search to find out about early San Pablo, an
d the area in which I grew up, I have found that there is not much online to be found. There is plenty about the surrounding city of Richmond, CA, on the internet but not much on good old S.P. I understand that there is/was a book provided by and published by the San Pablo Historical Society, but have not been able to find it as of yet. Therefor, I will be compiling together my own book, in hopes of publishing it some day.

Aside from doing my bio, I spent another lovely Easter/Spring break week in Oakdale, CA, where my lovely hostess, Tina showed me a picture she took shortly before Easter.

For those of you who doubt the existence of the Easter Bunny, or no longer
believe...this will definitely put those doubts to rest. Here is a little something I wrote reminiscent of Charley Brown's friend Linus who believed in the Great Pumpkin:

The Great Easter Bunny gently rises up from the bunny patch
to hide the beautifully colored eggs for all the children
to find
on a nice bright sunny Easter morning!
This is an authentic photograph, not something that was "Photoshopped" or "CG'd" in any way. I believe this is a once in a lifetime shot that will never happen again.
Also while spending time in the beautiful and quiet surroundings of my friend Tina's ranch in Oakdale, I was inspired to write some verse in honor of Spring as follows:

A warm spring day
The sun is bright
The birds a-twitter
With song mid-flight
Flower buds burst forth in bloom
A sea of color viewed from my room
The wind flows gentle
Through tall oak trees
The miracle of pollination
Brought forth by bees.
The site and sound
of croaking frogs
The joy of catching pollywogs
The dragon and the butterflies
The spectacle of Nature enfolds
Before my very eyes!